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Quee Queg


Quee Queg came to us from Travers Island, NY in the fall of 2009 for a complete hull rebuild during the winter of 2009-2010.

After we recieved the white oak, we could start the steaming process.
Certain frames are removed at intervals around the boat.
New frames are cut and fit into place.
The precut frames are placed into the steaming box for about an hour and a half.
Once steamed they are quickly and carefully put into the prefitted slots.
The frames are then clamped and a couple screws are placed in each frame.
Then other frames are removed and the process begins again.
There are 90 frames in total on Quee Queg.
The following pictures show that progress.
Pile of White Oak Steaming box
Running the frames to the boat. Perfect fit into the bottom
Bending the frame Close up of the frame
Nudging the frame into place Frames and clamps

Update 1/6/2010